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COVID-19 Cost Cutting Checklist

To ensure survival, a business must run lean, especially amidst trying times like these. If your business is struggling to survive amid Covid-19 and you frantically searching for ways to reduce costs, then this checklist is for you.


Winning the SEO Game

SEO is an ever-growing field and cannot be ignored - no matter what size of a business you own. If your business has to have a powerful online presence, SEO is the backbone which will provide that.


10 Steps to a perfectly written business plan

Your business plan is the foundation of your business. Learn how to write a business plan quickly and efficiently with this business plan guide.


How to write a killer sales copy & win more clients

Sales copy matters more than you might think. Writing uninspired copy can turn off consumers and gives their competitors the advantage. Learn how to write compelling sales copy.


10 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Website traffic is both an important indicator and driver of business growth. Your goal when it comes to website traffic is to be driving more qualified visitors to your site. That is, those who are most likely to convert into leads and customers.


Time Management Strategies for Busy People

There are only so many hours in the day. You can’t store it, nor can you borrow more for later. Only you can decide what you spend your time on. With life being so busy in these modern times, what with jobs, kids, and other activities, how can you have time for those things that matter the most to you?

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Career Booster Toolkit

With this 3 step career toolkit, you can easily plan for your next better job as it will help you evaluate yourself more effectively.​


The Small Business Survival Guide

Running a small business is difficult - one has to manage employee expenses, rental costs, taxes and what not. This guide is written with the small business owner in mind and provides ways to help them run their business more efficiently.


25 strategies to boost your creativity

Are you out of ideas or looking for some creative inspiration? You would be surprised to know that creative ideas can come from absolutely anywhere.


Growing your business using social media

Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.


The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Building, managing and working in a remote team is becoming more and more common. However, best practices are still hard to come by. This book is a collection of tips, tricks and techniques anyone can use to make the most of remote working. It also discusses some of the common challenges of working remotely.


Fight Your Fears

What scares you? Learning how to overcome fears of failure can be challenging for everyone. Fortunately, all fears are learned. No one is born with fears. Fears can therefore, be unlearned by practicing self-discipline repeatedly with regard to fear until it goes away.


Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas is one-page business plan to help you take your first step in your entrepreneurial journey.


Online Marketing Guide

Online marketing can bring the bright future for your business that you dream of. Advertising your business online is expensive. The effective way is to rely on WORD OF MOUTH to promote your business.


Turning your passion into profit

Turning your passion into profit requires motivation. Be proactive and take a step every day that gets you nearer your goal. Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable side hustle.


9 ways to make money online

From renting out rooms on Airbnb to snagging jobs on TaskRabbit, it’s not hard to find opportunities to make a little extra money online.


Reprogramming Your Subconscious

Are you looking to live the life of your dreams and get the results you always wanted? Well, its time to learn about your subconscious mind! The power of the subconscious mind is well documented, yet under utilized. This book unravels what you need to know to get the results, improve your efficiency and live a happier, more fulfilling life.



Startup Pitch Playbook

Understand the ins and outs of startup funding, utilize winning methods to raise funds for your startup. Whether you are a first time entrepreneur or a seasoned one, this e-book contains nuggets of wisdom which will help you propel your startup to the big league.

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