Myths India Has About Being An Entrepreneur

We have discussed problems related to education in India, challenges freshers to face while getting a job, flaws in the basic resume and how to correct it etc. in our previous articles. We have covered most of the topics which were related to personality development as well. But one thing which is certainly different from all is perhaps left. What about the freshers who don’t want to get placed. Are you thinking that who would not want to get placed in a company after graduation right? But there are some students who do not dream of getting placed but they want to do something of there own. Yes, we are talking about an entrepreneur here.

Yes, People who have the ability to take risks in life is an entrepreneur. But not what everything you hear about entrepreneurship is true. So, today we are going to learn the myths about entrepreneurship people believe to be true.

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Born Entrepreneurs

A person does not always know that he wants to do a startup. Sometimes, it just happens. It can be a planned startup or an outcome of an overnight conversation between friends. When it comes to entrepreneurship, things work in unpredictive ways.

Aamir Qutub


An Entrepreneur Take risks all the time

Many definitions say that One who is believed to be taken business risks is an entrepreneur. It’s not true though. They believe in taking challenges with the probability of outcome they can get. But they do not always run towards risks in life.


Are they Loners? Or Prefer Professional Life Over Personal?

Of course, while working on a business idea,  a person may spend a lot of time alone to analyze it. But apart from that, they are as social as others. Numbers are not only what they deal with. They are not loners at all.

An entrepreneur is definitely a hard worker which may take a few more hours of work from them. Despite that, they are as a human being as we are. Every person has a personal and a professional life. They maintain their schedule accordingly.

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Less Burden of Work

People think that a person having a startup has a team working under them and they just command, what to do or what not to. It is not the truth though. The reality of entrepreneurship is way too different than what people assume.

To Earn Quick Money

Even if an entrepreneur wants to get rich, so what, who doesn’t? But that is not the point. Sometimes, they choose a career in entrepreneurship to pursue what they love. An entrepreneur makes Quick money is a myth. Entrepreneurship is a struggle which doesn’t give positive outcomes every time.



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