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Job Hacks to Level Up Your Career



In the sixteenth episode of the podcast, Aamir Qutub explains various job hacks that can be used to grow in your career.

Watch the video or keep reading below to find out how these job hacks can take you to new career success. 

Here's the video

Job Hacks to Level Up Your Career

How will hybrid careers shape the future industry 4.0? (6:58)

  1. Technology is reshaping the way work is done in more than 250 occupations, according to a study by the workforce research organization Burning Glass Technologies.

  2. The trend towards more nuanced, multi-skilled employment is not new—Burning Glass began monitoring it for the first time in 2015—but it is accelerating. The study estimates that hybrid jobs will grow by 21 per cent over the next decade, more than twice the overall labour market growth rate of 10 per cent.

"It's not about how hard you get hit. It's about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward. "

Example of Hybridization


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  • One example of hybridization: Mobile app developers, whose job didn’t even exist until the first smartphones came along a decade ago, might seem at a glance to require, like other software developers, mostly excellent coding skills.
  • However, designing mobile apps takes knowledge of programming. But it also requires user interface design, content, and marketing.

How can hybrid careers help you?

  • For people trying to plan a career in the throes of constant change, the rise of hybrid jobs is terrific in two ways.

    1. The more unusual combinations of skills employers need, the fewer qualified candidates they can find.
    2. Marketing managers with expertise in data analysis, for instance, often earn 40% more than those without it.

The Key Elements Of A Successful CV (9:26)

  • Whether a potential employer asks to see your curriculum vitae, CV or resume, they’re looking for one thing – a document that proves why you’re the ideal candidate to invest their time and money in.
  • Essentially it’s a sales brochure, pinpointing the interesting USPs (unique selling points) that make you stand out from the crowd.
  1. Your details
  2. Personal statement 
  3. Work experience
  4. Education 
  5. Skills
  6. Hobbies and interests 
  7. References 
  8. A clear and simple layout 

How the pandemic affected people? (14:25)

  • The pandemic and lockdown have left many with low self-confidence and struggling to find the self-motivation for work and other areas of their life.
  • Whether they’ve been living alone or have lost touch with friends and family, or have been furloughed or lost your job, this pandemic has left people with a battered ego and low self-esteem.

Tips to boost your self-confidence during a pandemic

  1. Identify negative self-talk
  2. Check-in with yourself
  3. Listen to what you’re saying to yourself
  4. Acknowledge yourself
  5. Try to introspect how you can turn a situation around

Wrapping it up

These job hacks can only help you with step up on the ladder. To reach the peak of your success, you have to hustle.

"People who succeed in life are those people who are willing to learn from their failures."

The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.

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