Why India Is Lacking Behind In Terms Of Employment Than Other Countries

The 2017 ASSOCHAM report clearly states that around 93% of the management graduates in India are unemployable. Today, India is producing engineers and MBA graduates at a very rapid pace but the quality of education in degrading with every passing day. The main reason for Under Employment in this Country is the education system which lacks a lot of major factors which needs to be an integral part of any Education system. Aamir says:




These graduates are available for employment but are not skilled enough to face the Corporate world. Some of the major reasons are:


Why Corporate’s World Is Different Than College

In today’s education structure of India, there are two different worlds. Corporate Industries are totally different than what we study in college.  Courses we study in school and colleges are completely different from what the employers want from us, which is resulting in underemployment and unemployment at the same time.

On papers, India’s literacy rate is 92% but reports state that an average salary package of a business graduate in India is ten thousand which is not a good sign for a developing nation like India.


Improper faculty Selection Criteria

The condition of the professors is deteriorating day by day. This problem is very serious in today’s scenario as Teachers are not getting hired to educate the minds but to manufacture products. In many universities, the management hires teachers depending on their pay scale rather than qualification. Colleges these days are functioning like a corporation where they want to gain as much profit as they can and in order to do so, they are hiring cheap professors who are incapable of training student for the corporate world ahead.

Conventional theoretical classroom-based approach

This is one of the major difference between the Indian universities and the universities situated in Abroad. They are majorly focusing on case studies and projects, on the other hand, Our  Indian universities are mindlessly following conventional theoretical methods of teachings from a very long time. As a result, students have figured out the loopholes to get grades from faculties which are resulting in under skilled graduates. There is a desperate need of a project based mechanism which majorly focuses on the applied knowledge and gives ample amount of time to the students to improve their skill sets and gain real-time experience.


Problem with Grade System in India

Today, a university is only concerned about grades, which they fail to understand that this is not the only criteria to judge a student. Each and every person is different and is born with a different skill set altogether, making a uniform set of questions to judge the ability of a student does not do justice to the actual potential of an individual. What universities are testing nowadays is the ability of a student to get better grades and rankings but the real question should be that what they have understood.


No Focus in building a Personality

The current education system lacks the basic elements to create personalities. They lack to enhance the talents that a student possesses. Because of which the potential recruiters do not get what they want and hence the result is underemployment.

University has to include different programs and workshops to balance things and make every student a complete individual, one who can completely be capable to grab any opportunity in the leading companies of the country.



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