How to Leverage Your Successes And Failures To Your Benefit


Life is relatively easy when you know what works for you and what doesn’t, and then applying the same knowledge to the future. Successful people in the real world don’t take failure as something negative. They interpret failure as an antithesis of trying. 

When you know what doesn’t work for you, you put that knowledge to become a more worthy, competent, and successful version of yourself. You gradually grow into a very successful and capable person.

However, most people are unable to use their experience to their advantage. They avoid failure and analyze the times when they fail. Success is seen as a time to celebrate, not to learn. But that’s a big mistake. Each day, the fundamentals of life are unveiled to you. 

Imagine that you were to use every experience to become an improved version of yourself. Now that seems like a beautiful vision. Isn’t it? 

Follow this method to make your successes and failures work for you: 

1. Take a glance at your past

Think back to your life and make a list of all your greatest successes and failures. Consider your knowledge of work, education, and relationship. Think about the times you’ve made plans and come up with a short or long success. 

  • Consider why you’ve been successful. What made you so successful? 
  • Remember why you have lost. What can you acquire from this you can implement to the future? 

2. Determine the purpose of the day

Successes and defeats are always the end product of little progress and failures every day. Setting a standard provides a benchmark to determine your success on that day.

3. Determine your long-term objectives

You need long-term goals to assess the successes and failures. Long-term goals will also help to prioritise your day more effectively. 

Learn From Your Failures

4. Review your day

Look at how well you stuck to your plan at the end of the day. What did you accomplish today? Try to think where exactly you failed? What were the determinants that led to these successes and failures?

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5. Keep a diary

A journal can be a great tool to make the most of your successes and failures. It’s reasonable to write about the successes and failures in your diary. You will learn a great deal from your past and present which you can utilize in your future. 

Instead of mulling over the failures in your life, analyse them and learn from your mistakes. Make them your weapon. You still have time to improve yourself and become the best version of yourself.

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