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How To Earn Money and Find A Job during COVID-19



In the third episode of the podcast, Aamir Qutub talks about how to gain a lot of experience, develop a portfolio, earn money and find a job sitting at home during the lockdown.

Watch the video or keep reading below to find out how you can earn money and gain skills without going outside:

Here's the video

How To Earn Money and Find A Job during COVID-19

What is the gig economy? (4:13)

In a gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are prevalent, and businesses prefer to recruit independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time workers. A gig economy threatens the traditional culture of full-time workers, who never change jobs and instead concentrate on a lifelong career.

"A person's story from failure to success is like mining for diamonds. First day is always the hardest, but after picking efforts shines the most"

Why should you consider becoming a freelancer? (5:33)


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  • A freelancer is someone who renders their services for a fee and typically does not expect a regular single customer, although the working arrangement may be continuous. It’s a form of self-employment, similar to home business versus telecommunications. With that said, a freelancer can work as an entrepreneur, as opposed to a home business. 
  • Anyone can become a freelancer regardless of the degree he’s earned. You need to identify what skills you’ve learned throughout your life and whether or not they are valuable when it comes to optimizing them in real life.

Types of platform for freelancers (6:46)

There are two types of platforms for freelancers:

  • Sites like Freelancer, Upwork, etc. are few examples of freelancing platform where people make their profile, bid for the gigs based on their skills. Whenever someone posts a job, then clients apply to that job in terms of the cover letter where each freelancer would describe his talents. A gig can vary – you can bid for a graphic designing gig or content-writing gig. It depends upon your skills. You can earn by freelancing with gigs irrespective of your field.
  • The second platform is Fiverr. In this platform, people can offer their service to clients globally and earn if a buyer buys their service. For example, someone is a web developer, so he created a gig/service which states “I will create a professional website”. Buyers can order his service or “gig” now. In India, Fiverr provides two ways to withdraw the earnings of the seller via Payoneer (Bank Transfer) and Paypal. The seller can anytime withdraw his earnings with any methods after configuring them.

Importance of work experience for freshers (13:42)

  • Does students with experience have an advantage in tackling business situations – the answer to this question may sound like a ‘Yes,’ but it takes more reflection.  Work experience undoubtedly brings with it knowledge in terms of real-world complications and varying dimensions of applicability, but having the ability to do a job does not necessarily turn into a ‘Will’ to do a job. 

  • During a job interview, the recruiter would often prefer a person who has worked in various projects to a person who only got good grades but has no work experience.

Is an MBA or MTech required for freelancing? (17:25)

  • After graduating from BTech or MTech, how many skills did you use? Four or five, maybe. In a professional world, you need more than just technical skills to be effective in your career. Today’s firms are seeking candidates who can do their job well but who can also fit into the culture of the company and connect with other employees. To do these things successfully, students must develop soft skills.

  • Soft skills are attributes that allow you to participate in productive interactions with others. Since most jobs require teamwork, it is crucial to have soft skills to boost your employment prospects and achieve your dream job. They will help you improve your productivity in your career, develop professional relationships and excel in your work. No one asks for a degree, but your skills, when it comes to freelance. So, whatever area you’ve studied in, it doesn’t matter.

Always go for experience-based learning (19:37)

Over the years, experiential learning has demonstrated a wide variety of benefits that lead to the growth of a child: 

  • Students can better understand concepts 
  • Students have a chance to be more imaginative. 
  • Students have an opportunity to reflect 
  • Mistakes of students are valuable experiences

Wrapping it up

There are many different ways to learn skills, gain experience, and earn while sitting at home. Spending time on improving your skills can help you achieve personal career goals, such as securing a promotion or becoming an expert on a specific topic. Your skillset can be applied to progress in your current career or expanded to earn a job in a different field or industry. Learn about how you can gain skill sets, find a job and earn money during COVID-19.

"When striving for success, motivation is the biggest attribute one can have for it act like knight in the armour"

The more you learn, the more you earn. It’s time to hustle. 

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