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Building Your Dream Career Pt. II



In the tenth episode of the podcast, Aamir Qutub talks about how you can unlock the passion and things that you can do to take your career progression to the next level.

Watch the video or keep reading below to find out how you can develop a plan to build your dreams and achieve them.

Here's the video

Building Your Dream Pt. II

When is the right time to seek out seed capital? (1:00)

The time to take seed capital is:

  • When you’ve proven demand for your product by making sales,
  • When you have at least one repeatable, predictable, and profitable system in place for selling your product.
  • When taking an equity investment would let you grow the company faster than the other means that might be at your disposal: bootstrapping, debt financing, organic growth, joint ventures, etc.

"I never know if my next startup idea would work or not - but I know that I will never find out if I don't try. "

How to Increase Revenue for Your Apparel Business? (3:07)


Before you move on, download your copy of the Career Booster Toolkit.

Use this Toolkit to assess yourself and open up new opportunities, which you may not have noticed.

  1. Grow your ecommerce with a fantastic website
    A robust and responsive website is paramount when it comes to bringing in more money for your clothing business.
    Large retail chains with brick-and-mortar stores are closing up their shops at a rapid rate, and the continuing trend toward online shopping means that having a reliable, user-friendly website where your customers can shop is vitally important.
  2. Create your brand
    As a fashion or clothing pro, you’re likely to be creative. And this will stand you in good stead for developing a brand for your startup clothing company. Pick a brand name that appeals to your target audience.
  3. Test your product
    Are you looking to use up those sample run designs? Taking them to market can be a great way to test your product without committing to the full product run. Market trading spaces, school fairs and online platforms like Facebook Marketplace can be great places to start, taking notes and asking your customers all the time for their feedback on the product, and anything else they’re looking for.

Best career options to choose from during coronavirus pandemic (4:34)

If you have lost your job, taken a pay cut or are staring at an uncertain future, know that this is also a great time to consider a change of career.

  1. SWOT analysis
    SWOT (an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) offers an objective look at how a company or person fits in their competitive landscape and market. By providing a visual way to organize the variables, the SWOT tool makes it easier to look at all the angles of a particular decision or objective.
  2. Identify where your interest lies. After all, you don’t want to waste your time in a job where your interest doesn’t lie.

How to get a job in Australia? (8:37)

  • The first step needs to be acquiring working rights. Without working rights, your CV will be ignored by any recruiter or HR department. Yes, in theory, a business can sponsor you as a temporary migrant, but that costs them a fair bit of money and time, and you’re tied to them, so let’s leave that option to one side.
  • Working rights will either come from a student visa (in which case you need to be studying and can only do 20hrs/week during class time) or a permanent resident visa (which gives you the same working rights anyone born here has, pretty much). I’ll leave aside the working holiday visa since Indian nationals don’t seem to be eligible for it. Work out what visa applies best in your case, apply, and if all goes according to plan, receive the visa.
  • Once you have your visa, you can theoretically apply online from wherever in the world you may be. 

How to get a job into Solar energy industry? (17:09)

  • Get a four-year degree in a solar-related field. Mechanical, industrial, electrical, and software engineers all play a part in the solar industry. With one of these degrees and certification in your area of speciality, like photovoltaic cell research or solar power plant design, you’ll be a more competitive candidate.
  • Get certified as a technician or installer for quicker involvement. Getting certified as an assembler, installer, or repairer of solar energy components will take less time than positions requiring a college degree. Look online for technical programs and vocational schools near you that offer certifications.

What's the scope of Data Science jobs in Australia? (18:05)

  • Data Scientists are in demand worldwide, and Australia is no different. With big data exploding across industries, Data Scientists are now the most in-demand professionals in the world. Following this career, you will have the option to stay within the country or to work abroad.
  • Currently, the biggest opportunities lie with big companies and rich industries such as finance, although there are plenty of opportunities to make a difference at innovative startups.
  • Data Scientists have the opportunity themselves to drive the future of the industry. Honing your skills within a niche industry will see you as a leader within your career and field.

Wrapping it up

It’s certainly invigorating to go after your dream job and turn up to a (initially) limited audience day after day. But at the end of the day, if it’s really your dream career, you’re going to want to do the heart of the job, even if nobody sees or hears it. If you take it seriously and keep it consistent, your dream career is waiting for you.

"I don't care about the success - I enjoy the process and struggle on the way."

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

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