Why Your College education Is Not Enough To Get You A Job

Being a Bookpeaker is what you have done in your whole life whether it’s your primary education or college education, but ever done anything beyond that? Have you ever given a thought that why half of India’s population is unemployed? No? Well, Do you know that 60% of India’s graduates are unemployed? Yes, it is a fact. And here we are not talking about the uneducated people but about the youth who are well-educated and good enough to take a job


Unemployment is not something which comes with a choice. But one has to keep a check on every step they take towards the future. In India, we have always been told- Cross Higher education and then you can relax, just complete your college and then you can relax. Just find a job and then you are gold. But the people who are struggling with their future even after graduating from the best universities can tell that it’s not that simple to survive in this world with such an immense competition.


There’s nothing wrong with you but the study pattern which we do follow in many of our Universities and colleges. You have been trained for something which is not the actual requirement of future. Because you get you to not use only five to ten percent of the syllabus you have learned in your college, it the requirement of the Industry where you are going to work though.

What skills the Industries are actually looking for among the candidates pursuing the college education is what the real question is. Aamir Says-



Adapting the environment of the work area with a positive attitude is what this Industry looks for in the candidate. Facing the upcoming challenges and competitions and motivate other candidates for the same is the quality which is highly required.


When you are clear towards your Goal then no matter what comes in between you would stick to find a solution for it and that’s another requirement of this Industry.

college education

Quick thinking

It is one of the most valuable ability, it helps you in picking some new information and Ideas easily. Also, how applying them would help your work.

Learning skills

Quick learning is a need and learning from your competition without having ego issues with them would help you to heights.

Communication skills

Now, students, who just have graduated from their colleges are not professional enough. Being modest with your employs and have a good command over your language is essential.



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