How To Choose A Career Path After Graduation

As per the data available on the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), there are 31 million unemployed Indians, who are looking for jobs. During the last decade, the problem of unemployment climbed the leaders and has reached amongst the most indispensable issues for the youth. This is not all, there is another side to it. Around 50% of the recruiters say that they are not getting eligible candidates for the jobs. This directly means that India is not lagging behind in generating jobs, but students these days are not aware of the jobs which are beneficial for their career beyond the core subjects. 

Now, this happens because we have been taught that if one is pursuing law, he will become a lawyer someday. If anyone is pursuing MBBS, he’s going to be a Doctor. Our thinking is limited to our core subjects. There are lot of options available for a student beyond their core subjects though. One of the major reasons that why student usually don’t think beyond their core subjects because of the faculties. Teachers who guide them belong to a particular academic background. Therefore, it’s difficult for them to think beyond the subject that they have spent so much time with. But there are four different career options available for any student who is pursuing any course in India. 


Core jobs 

These sectors consist of jobs that are directly related to your subjects. These jobs require skills and knowledge that you have obtained in your graduation with respect to your core subject. These kinds of jobs are best suitable for those students who are really passionate about their subject. If a student really has to do something extraordinary in a particular subject, then these kinds of jobs are the way forward for them.

Career path


Related jobs

Around 90% of the students do face a problem in technical subjects and they do not have an excellent academic performance as well. Such students are best fitted for related jobs. These jobs require the skills obtained by a student during his graduation years combined with certain soft skills developed by him. Suppose someone has pursued law and now he is doing a job which not just requires his legal skills, but also his communication skills or maybe presentation skills or maybe marketing skills. So these jobs fall under related jobs which are much more in numbers as compared to the core jobs.



Hybrid jobs

This sector is also known as a sector of hidden jobs. The employers are not able to find the perfect or the eligible candidates for the required jobs in this sector. This is primarily because the skill required for the jobs is unique. Hybrid career demand candidates to combine their core skills with different technical or nontechnical skills. Suppose if someone has done law but is interested in sports so he can hybrid his skills and opt for Sports Law. Similarly, if someone has done engineering and is also interested in health so he can hybrid his skills and can opt for Health Technology. The career opportunities in this sector are way too much as compared to the competition which makes it a quintessential option to pick.




Unrelated jobs

These jobs basically do not require any skill set, that you have obtained from your graduation. These jobs are completely unrelated to what skill you possess because of your core subjects. To pursue your career in such jobs, you need to be mentally ready to reskill and upscale yourself. Candidate’s having a good personality would have the ball in his courtroom, if he is trying something new in career and want to be a part of a new community.

Aamir Qutub- jobs


We need to know where we belong and then apply for the jobs, accordingly. All these sectors consist of a variety of jobs. Thus, it shows that a student has many lucrative and juicy career options. They offer a good amount of money, opportunities to grow and a great work-life balance. So, improve your skills, work on your strengths, know your interests, strive for success and finally get employed.


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