5 Ways to Relentlessly Pursue Your Dreams Without Quitting Halfway


When Napoleon Hill said, “Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements”, how many of you could relate to this quote? Are you currently living the dream you have always wished for? Most probably, the answer is no. Most of you don’t even know how to pursue your dreams.

Not everyone realises their dream. Lucky are those who found a vision early in life, and to achieve those goals; they grind harder than others. It’s okay if you haven’t yet found a purpose that you want to pursue relentlessly, yet. But don’t give up hope. 

Did you know that the University of Scranton performed a study that revealed how many people accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions? Ninety-two per cent of them failed to complete their goals. 

Don’t be one of them who failed to pursue his goals because he is lazy to stick with his resolutions. This is not a New Years Resolution post but an ‘I am ready to grind hard to pursue my dreams’ article. Victory comes to those who are working hard for it. If you want your dream to become a reality, you’re going to have to try it. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Dream

This point may seem like a verbose remark, but it’s not. Most people don’t even know what their dreams are. Do you know what your heart needs or wants the most? When you try to find the hidden passion in your heart, you might encounter something that you’ve never discovered before. 

When you don’t realise what your dream is, you can’t pursue it. It’s better to dream about something that you can achieve. For example, you want to become Superman and fly high in the sky. Now that doesn’t seem plausible. Does it? You might harm yourself in the process. 

  • Avoid Criticism At All Cost

Let us get this straight. You are never going to make everyone happy, no matter what you do in life. No matter what you do, some people will always try to find flaws in you. So be prepared for any criticism, and don’t let that weigh you down. 

Try to think who’s going to hold you off. Your parents, huh? Family? Friends? Relatives? They don’t know you thoroughly, whoever it is. No one knows you better than you do yourself. You are the only one who understands your deepest fears and wishes. 

Only you know what’s best for you and if your heart and mind are in sync and urging you to pursue your dream, go for it! Everyone faces criticism every day, but if they stop chasing their goal because of mere words, what’s the point of pursuing your dream in the first place?

Avoid Haters
  • Step Out From Your Comfort Zone

When you talk about ‘comfort zone’, do you mean an actual place? No, by that, you expect a psychological/emotional/behavioural construction that identifies the regimen of our daily lives. Being in one’s comfort zone means familiarity, security and stability. 

Constructing a comfort zone is a healthy response to most of our lives. But when we step out of our comfort zone when it’s time for transition, growth, and transformation.

If you are working in a 9-5 job, you will undoubtedly get used to the mundane life, to the point you will forget what your dream was, at starting and you’ll never be able to apprehend what you’re competent of doing. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to do it. Give wings to your dreams and let it fly for once. Let it explore the skies to know if it’s worth pursuing. 

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  • Face Your Fears

What scares you the most? Failure? Fear and ambivalence are like kidnappers that hold you as a hostage, preventing you from living an enjoyable life. Usually, the stranglehold on your life will get worse over time, if left unaddressed.

At one point in your life, you have to face your fears to move forward. In your journey to success, you would have to face challenges. And you are not always going to win. You are going to have to face setbacks, too.

The journey to success is never smooth, and if you are too scared to face your fears, you aren’t ready to pursue your dreams.

Face Your Fears
  • Follow your idols who inspire you

Who exactly are idols? No, we aren’t talking about KPop idols here. Well, they can consider being idols too. Icons are those people who strived hard to pursue their dream and are now basking in success. 

Did they quickly achieve their goals? Not at all. They sacrificed a lot to reach where they are right now. The same goes for those who are not alive today, but their heroic deeds still inspire us. You can not presume that the other person is as passionate as you are, as it is your dream. 

Nevertheless, having an idol is a big motivator. You don’t need to go far in seeking a guide. Who knows, you might find your mentor in a relative or a family member. Anyone who can help you make your dreams come true is an idol or mentor.

Are you going to pursue your dreams? Dreams are lovely, but if you’re not waking up and acting on them relentlessly, they stay as dreams. If you want your dreams to become your reality, get ready to grind hard with dedication, and if you are it continuously, you are bound to receive excellent results. 

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