5 Tips To Stay Motivated For The CSIR NET 2020 Exam


If you are an aspiring student planning to take CSIR NET 2020, chances are very high that your CSIR NET preparation will be in full flow by now. 

The CSIR NET Exam is of national significance for teaching and research roles. The competition among students is getting intense each year as the number of applicants is increasing with the selection of lesser candidates.

Therefore, the burden of the exam remains even higher. Yet those who prevail over their mental stress are the real champions!

CSIR NET aspirants should be confident enough for the examination. Just in case they find themselves in uncertainty, they should take note of the following tips and regain the lost faith in themselves before the exam.

  • Motivate yourself

An anonymous quote says, “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” This quote is right on the money. The target is yours, so you should be the one to make efforts. Tell yourself that no one is going to prepare for you. You have to buck up and back yourself to achieve your goal. Don’t wait for the external stimulation. Avoid being procrastinated.

  • Create mini targets

When you are weary by your expectations, the only way to deal with it is to break it down. Create mini-targets and strive to reach them. Not only does it make the job less stressful, but it also makes it more doable.

  • Plan a study regimen to prep for the exam 

Make a study plan to handle your time during CSIR NET Preparation efficiently. This is the perfect way to keep away from the pressure of the exam. Model your study regimen instead of mimicking others. 

As suggested by the experts, morning time is more effective so that you can use morning hours on subjects that you consider challenging to understand them efficiently. On the other hand, you should give more time to the questions that come off as an obstacle and practise them till you are thorough with all the topics.

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  • Envisage the hurdles 

Don’t get frustrated when you see an obstacle. Without hurdles, there is no contest. The successful person is not someone who has faced no challenges, but someone who has encountered problems and conquered them.

  • Be Confident and Positive

A positive mindset can be a great stress killer. Your outcome is the reflection of your attitude. So, if you want to escape negative thoughts and tension during the test, keep a habit of maintaining a positive atmosphere. 

The same is true for your level of confidence. If you are sure in what you are doing for the test, you’ll be able to relax comfortably and crack the exam quickly too.


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